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Fast and easy hamburger
Iím not the one, who likes to use long times in the kitchen making many different gourmet foods and then ask all friends to eat them and flatter me. More I appreciate this thing: food is ready in five minutes including cleaining the kitchen.

This time we are making hamburgers. This idea came from my 4-years-old. She wanted hamburgers.
Here you see foodstuff. Check it and be sure that you forget nothing:
2 bread rolls
mince meat
Step 1:
Put mince meat in hot frying pan. Use some oil, itís better way. When mince meat is going to warm, make it to beef steak shape with two spoons. In few minutes mince meat leaves to that shape when itís ready.
Step 2:
Open bread roll with knife and put steak in it. If you want to be top chef, use handmade knife or othercustom knives opening the bread roll. Do you know that real top chef starts evertyhing with making himself his own knife. All you need is some knife making supplies and attitude. Knife making supplies you can find from internet, but attitude... I think that is something you can't find from www.
And then some spices as you want. For 4-years-old I added some ketchup and for me I put salt and pepper.
And then you eat it. I donít say that it best in the world but you are not hungry after that.
Best thing is that cooking with this way is not big science thing. You don't need scientific stories how to make a hamburger. And I don't need scientific editing service to write these instructions. If some day I'd like to write big cooking book, maybe then I will ask some scientific editing service to help me. But when I'm waiting that to happen I can write these cooking things myself without any help.


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